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At Daikin, we strongly believe that knowledge is meant to be shared and exchanged in order to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the market. Therefore, living by our mission to impart our latest and innovative technology, we are fully committed to people in the same industry. Designed to raise standards, set industry benchmarks, our training courses will help you develop both product and service expertise. You will receive the highest quality training and hands-on instructions at our industry leading training centers.

Through the years, Daikin has organized various kinds of seminars that are interactive and insightful, especially for dealers, contractors and consultants.

Course Features

Our curriculum is standardized across the country to provide consistent information, regardless of location. Whether you want to obtain our latest product information or study the latest VRV installation techniques or Residential/Commercial Service & Troubleshooting tactics, improve your expertise in a superior learning environment.

Service Courses Training Schedule

View our training scheduled FY17 : April 2017 – March 2018.

To attend our training program, please contact our Sales Division for registration.

Web Based Training

Daikin offers a web based training program, which you can attend at your home or workplace, anytime and anywhere at your convenience.

Over 50 online courses available, you are now able to gain more knowledge of air conditioners.

  • *Internet connection required.

To attend this web based training program, please access DAIKIN Web Based Training.

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