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Created in Japan, Daikin's mascot was introduced in April 2003."PICHONKUN", the mascot of Daikin is so named because of the sound it makes. This dew droplet represents the "fresh as morning nature" of Daikin's new range of air conditioners and air purifiers, symbolizing the best of nature-fresh, natural.

Profile of PICHONKUN

  • Date of BirthSince water existed on Earth
  • AgeI've forgotten
  • GenderNeutral
  • AddressAll over the world
  • OccupationTo appear in Daikin commercials
  • PersonalityCare free, I go at my own pace


Enjoy our monthly PICHONKUN wallpaper calendar. Please check “How to Set Up Wallpaper” if you do not know how to set up.


Screensaver (Windows)

Check out our seasonal PICHONKUN screensaver. Please check “How to Set Up Screensaver” if you do not know how to install it.

2015 Winter


Daikin takes the utmost caution in creating these files; however, individual users will be responsible for downloading them. Daikin will not be responsible for any damages accompanying or related to the use or inability of use of these files (including loss of profit, termination of business and loss of business information), whether these potential damages are pre-reported or pre-approved by a third party to be eligible for liability claim. Please do not copy, publicly use or use for profit parts of the desktop patterns without permission.

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