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Daikin VRV systems are multi-split type air conditioners for commercial buildings that use variable refrigerant flow control developed by Daikin to provide customers with the ability to maintain individual zone control in each room and floor of buildings.

Daikin Advantages

Energy Saving Operation

Precise individual control and inverter technology minimize energy consumption to deliver optimum energy savings.

Individual Control

VRV systems enable individual climate control settings for each zone to provide the utmost in comfort to commercial buildings.

Adaptable Design

Modular design of outdoor units and wide selection of indoor units ensure system designs that are ideally suited to the environments where they are installed.

Flexible Layout

In addition to a maximum connection of 64 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit, large allowances for piping length and level difference provide a flexible layout.



Maximizing employee work efficiency and customer satisfaction starts with a proper office environment where employees and customers can comfortably interact. With Daikin's customized office solutions, a variety of options are available to suit any office need including ventilation, and each zone can be individually controlled for optimum energy saving and comfort. System settings also ensure that energy is not wasted heating or cooling unoccupied rooms.


Guest comfort is the hallmark of excellent hotels; excellent hotels worldwide turn to Daikin to provide comfort. Daikin delivers this comfort with a “total solution” that integrates heating, cooling, and ventilation for quiet, draft-free operation and comfortable rest. Flexible installation layouts enable hotels to provide air comfort and low running costs without sacrificing style. Whether it's a new or existing structure, Daikin air conditioning solutions provide simple installations with small footprints.


Please take a look at the table below for the detailed information regarding the appropriate combinations of indoor units and outdoor units.

Outdoor Unit

  • Cooling Only
  • R-410A

New generation of VRV system provides enhanced lineup and advanced technologies.

  • Cooling Only
  • R-410A

This design gives the building a sleek look from the outside view and the clear view of the scenery without any blockage from the inside of the building.

  • Heat Pump
  • Heat Recovery
  • R-410A

VRV WIII is suitable air conditioning system for tall multi-story buildings.

  • Cooling Only
  • R-410A

Single outdoor unit series which is suitable for homes, office, shops, and middle-size buildings.

  • Cooling Only
  • R-410A

Being able to use existing refrigerant piping, VRV III-Q offers quicker and easier installation.

  • Cooling Only
  • R-410A

New generation of VRV system provides enhanced lineup and advanced technologies. This system give a free of hot water.

Indoor Unit

Round flow type which detects presence of people and the floor temperature.

360°airflow allows even temperature distribution and offers comfortable living environment.

Compact ceiling mounted cassette type which is quiet and designed for user comfort.

Slim and stylish indoor unit with 4 way airflow that can be installed to the ceiling without cavity.

Thin and lightweight unit body which is easy to install in narrow spaces.

This slim body indoor unit offers effective air discharge from corner or from drop-ceiling.

Slim and quiet indoor unit that is a suitable model for use in limited spaces like drop-ceilings.

Ceiling mounted duct type realizes flexible duct design by middle and high external static pressure.

This ceiling suspended type enables easier maintenance by non-dew flap with no implanted bristles.

Stylish flat panel design unit harmonized with your interior décor.

A floor standing type suitable for perimeter zone air conditioning.

This unit is concealed in perimeter skirting-wall, enabling to create high class interior design.

Large airflow type that fits for spacious areas such as factories and large stores.

Daikin’s clean air conditioners are specially designed to realize an environment of cleanness class 10,000 with little construction.

Fresh air treatment and air conditioning can be achieved with a single system.

The Heat Reclaim Ventilator lineup features the DX-coil in response to recently diversifying outdoor air introduction requirements.

The Heat Reclaim Ventilator creates a High-Quality environment by Interlocking with the Air Conditioner.

Fresh air treatment and air conditioning can be achieved with a single system.

For small to large commercial spaces Daikin offers a range of R-410A inverter condensing units for use in conjunction with Air Handling Units (AHU) from 6 HP to 60 HP.

Residential Indoor Unit

All models feature a decoration panel with the same size and simple design in consideration of harmonised interior décor.

Designed to fit 600 mm wide ceiling grids.

The indoor unit can be installed in rooms with as little as 350 mm between the drop ceiling and ceiling slab. It also works with both flexible and ordinary ducts.

Models in the FDKS-EA series are only 700 mm in width and 21 kg in weight, so are easily installed in limited spaces. Just 200 mm in height, all models can be installed in rooms with as little as 240 mm depth between the drop ceiling and ceiling slab, making them ideal for even shallow ceilings.

Wall Mounted indoor units achieve quiet sound levels of 22 dB (A).

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  • Control Systems Daikin's control system provides simple but sophisticated facility management including lighting and fire alarm systems for single or multiple buildings.

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