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Deluxe (FTM Series)

  • Cooling Only
  • R-32

Beyond Cool

Daikin air conditioners are not just for cooling - they offer total control of your living space. Various airflow controls help to create a comfortable environment while low sound pressure levels allow you to relax in peace.
Now is the time to enjoy greater comfort with Daikin technology.
FTM-K Series Using Next-Generation Refrigerant R-32.

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Next-Generation Refrigerant R-32

To cope with climate change, Daikin has now adopted R-32, next-generation refrigerant which does not deplete the ozone layer and lower global warming.

  • * Source: Values for 100 year global warming potential (GWP) from IPCC Fourth Assessment Report. Comparative 100 year GWP: HFC410A, 2,090; HFC32, 675.

Energy Saving

The 2.5 to 6.0 kW models provide a high COP of 3.47 or more.

Quiet Operation

FTM25K offers a low sound pressure level of 28 dB (A) for indoor unit operation and
49 dB (A) for outdoor unit operation.
This data is based on “Examples of Sound Levels”, Ministry of the Environment, Japan, November 12, 2002.

Comfortable Airflow Control

New Powerful Operation

New powerful operation boosts airflow to maximum volume for 20 minutes, convenient when you want to quickly adjust the indoor temperature to the set temperature.

3-D airflow

3-D airflow combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing to circulate air to every part of a room for uniform cooling of even large spaces.
This function is available for 5.0 and 6.0 kW models.

Removal of Odors, Dust and Bacteria

Photocatalytic air purifying is a deodorizing and antibacterial technology. With two types of filters: Titanium Apatite
Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter*1 and Air-Purifying Filter with Photocatalytic Deodorising Function*2, Daikin brings you full option of purifying your air. Odors, bacteria will be effectively decomposed and removed.

  • *1 Function available for 2.5, 3.5 and 6.0 kW models.
  • *2 Function available for 5.0 kW model.


Model Name Indoor Unit FTM25JV14 FTM35JV14 FTM50JV1V
Outdoor Unit RM25JV14 RM35JV14 RM50JV14
Capacity Rated (Min.-Max.) kW 2,60 3.69 5.10
Btu/h 8,900 12,700 18,090
Power Consumption W 722 1.042 1.493
COP W/W 3,60 3,55 3,55
Indoor Unit FTM25JV14 FTM35JV14 RM50JV14
Fan Speed 5 Speed and Automatic
Sound Pressure Level H/L dB(A) 37/28 40/31 45/35
Dimensions H x W x D mm 283 x 800 x 195 290 x 1,050 x 238
Mechine Weight kg 9 12
Outdoor Unit RM25JV14 RM35JV14 RM50JV14
Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 49
Dimensions H x W x D mm 550 x 658 x 275 550 x 765 x 285 595 x 845 x 300
Piping Connection Liquid mm ǿ6.4
Gas ǿ9.5 ǿ12.7 ǿ15.9
Drain ǿ18.0
Mechine Weight kg 32 38 43
Max.piping Length m 25 30
Max.level difference 15
Model Name Indoor Unit FTM60JV14 FTM71JV14
Outdoor Unit RM60JV14 RM71JV14
Capacity Rated (Min.-Max.) kW 6,57 7,20
Btu/h 22.530 24.500
Power Consumption W 1.859 2.182
COP W/W 3,55 3,3
Indoor Unit FTM60JV14 FTM71JV14
Fan Speed 5 Speed and Automatic
Sound Pressure Level H/L dB(A) 47/38 48/38
Dimensions H x W x D mm 340 x 1,050 x 248 340 x 1,200 x 240
Mechine Weight kg 15 18
Outdoor Unit RM60JV14 RM71JV14
Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 54 54
Dimensions H x W x D mm 770 x 900 x 320 770 x 900 x 320
Piping Connection Liquid mm ǿ6.4
Gas ǿ15.9
Drain ǿ16.0
Mechine Weight kg 60 66
Max.piping Length m 30
Max.level difference 15 20

Measurement conditions

  • 1. Cooling capacity is based on: indoor temp. 27°CDB, 19°CWB; outdoor temp. 35°CDB; piping length 7.5 m.
  • 2. Sound pressure levels are based on the temperature conditions 1 above. These are anechoic conversion values. These values are normally somewhat higher during actual operation as a result of ambient conditions.

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